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Triathlonskills.com and Littleton Bike and Fitness

Triathlonskills.com and Littleton Bike and Fitness have joined forces!

Celeste St.Pierre Celeste is a Master Total ImmersionTM Coach, as well as a triathlete with over 20 years of experience in Sprint, Olympic, off-road, half and Ironman races, including the Great Floridian 1998, Ironman Florida 2000, and Triathlon All-American 2004. She was third in her age group in 2011 at the Nationals Sprint Tri and was Regional Champion in 2011 for Off-Road triathlon.  She is a certified Power Pilates Instructor, a USA Swimming Level 1 Coach, and a USA Triathlon Coach. She lives and trains in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

"I have decided to form this partnership with Celeste because she has helped my swimming immensely. I had taught myself to swim from watching videos and some help from my wife, but I was constantly fighting the water and always felt like i was sinking. When I would go out into open water outside, I would freak out and flip over onto my back hyperventilating. I started taking her lessons at Evergreen Fitness in the fall of 2012, and after I decided to practice at least twice a week I finally feel confident enough to head outside this summer of 2013. I have seen her work with all ability levels simultaneously, her calm demeanor and ability to explain techniques in more than one way has helped everyone she has worked with" -Dave Harkless


Triathlon with Celeste st Pierre

Littleton Bike & Fitness is not a triathlon specific shop, there just aren't enough triathletes up here to support a full time tri shop. But we have the knowledge, Dave Harkless has completed the Master Fitting course at Specialized Bicycles for the Body Geometry fitting process. Triathlon and time trials are covered and when it comes down to seconds against the clock, fitting is crucial. Dave also has some personal experience with triathlons. He knows what it is to be nervous, scared of the swim, trying to train for three sports etc. Thomas our service manager has also competed in quite a few triathlons, so from a bike maintenance perspective his knowledge is valuable. Although you wont see much in the way of tri specific components hanging on the shelves rest assured we have access to almost anything and the knowledge to help guide you through the decision process.

Want to find out more about Celeste' coaching? Go to Triathlonskills.com

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