Littleton Bike & Fitness has been selling and servicing indoor fitness equipment for over 30 years!  Many trends have come an gone and we have kept up with them! Customers ask us all the time “What is the best exercise to do?”, our answer is “the exercise that you can and will do” a treadmill is no good if you don’t use it! There are so many options out there that we can’t keep everything here for you to try. So instead we are more of an indoor fitness equipment coach. We talk with you and show you what we have and can get and then we order exactly what you want from one of our manufacturers we deal with. Once it gets delivered to us we build it and call you, so you can try it before you buy it. Sometimes it may make sense for you to order it and have us assemble it, we do that too! Stop in a see what we have and have a conversation, our goal is to keep you exercising and feeling good! The manufacturers we routinely deal with are: Matrix Fitness True Fitness Life Fitness

Horizon Fitness and Lemond Fitness