White Mt Velo Road Club

White Mt Velo Road Club Rides

For a schedule of the rides go to our Google Calendar if you want to add our calendar to your personal calendar search for “Littleton Bike & Fitness Events Calendar” on google public calendars.

Club Ride Tips, Rules and Pledge

From April until late September each year the club has a group ride on Thursday night. Most rides start at 6PM at Littleton Bike & Fitness’ rear parking lot unless otherwise noted on the ride schedule.

  • All rides are a loop with start & finish at the same location and begin with a 3-5 mile “warm-up” at a slow to moderate pace.
  • We are changing up the format of the ride this year. “Get your 6 at 6” which means pick 5 other riders who are similar paced with similar expectations to ride with and stay together for the “group ride”. This will hopefully allow more cohesive mini groups to form allowing all to have a grea ride. Plus it will minimize large groups from obstructing traffic. Want to ride hard and fast? Great, find like minded riders and form your group. Want to ride and chat? Perfect, find 5 others and you have your 6 for 6!!
  • Gone is the A B and C Ride. This year its going to be “Ride” and “Long Ride” your group of six picks the course it wants to ride. 3 mile warm up and regroups are still in place. Distances are set to allow riders to get back by dark but it is a good idea to have a blinking light on you or your bike.
  • We ask that all riders review the route in advance in case you become separated. However, if you are new to the area or a visitor, please tell someone in a Wt Mt Club jersey you are new and we will try to prevent you from getting lost.
General Club Rules
  • Helmets are required on all club rides. If you’ve forgotten yours, loaner’s are available.
  • We are a drug free club. For everyone’s safety, never get on a bike if your under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • When on a ride, always carry basic repair equipment to take care of a flat or a minor mechanical problem.
  • Never ride in a group while wearing headphones. This includes iPods’ and MP3 players. It impairs your ability to hear warnings and sense the presence of others nearby, endangering yourself and those you’re riding with.
  • Whenever you ride in a White Mt Velo jersey you are a representative of the club. Be aware of your conduct and attitude and always present a positive image to motorists and other cyclists.
Tips for Riding in a Group or Paceline
  • If you’re new to the club and have questions about riding in a group, don’t hesitate to ask for some pointers from one of the ride leaders.
  • Don’t obstruct traffic. Ride single file on busy roads.
  • In a pace line – the lead rider is the eyes for every rider behind them, avoid potholes etc. & announce hazards.
  • Don’t overlap the wheel of the bike in front of you.
  • Always be aware of other riders around you. Look before changing your position or making a move.
  • Remember, your actions affect the safety of other riders around you.
  • Always remember that your actions not only affect your safety but also the safety of other riders around you.
  • In a pace line, the lead rider is the eyes for every rider behind them. It’s the responsibility of the lead rider to smoothly and safely lead the paceline around potholes, obstacles, deep cracks, etc. & announce hazards.
  • Communicating with other riders around you is essential for safe riding. This can be done verbally (“car up,” “slowing,” “gravel”) or with hand signals (those commonly used when driving a car or pointing to a hazard).
  • Hold your line. When you ride a straight, smooth line, not only are you more efficiently with little wasted energy, your actions are less erratic. To other riders your actions are more predictable and less likely to cause a swerve or panic stop that could cause a disastrous chain reaction.
  • Be aware of other riders around you. Before changing your position look to your left and right, then make your move.
  • Ride with your head up and eyes forward. Looking down at the road or at the wheel ahead of you gives no warning to what may be happening two or three riders ahead. A good rule of thumb is to watch the back or helmet of the rider in front of you.
  • Don’t overlap your front wheel with the rear wheel of the bike in front of you. If you or the rider in front of you swerves for any reason and you touch wheels, you will almost certainly crash and the rider in front of you may never even have felt your wheels touch.
  • If someone makes a move or does something that is potentially dangerous to you or the group, it is your responsibility to make that person aware of that danger. Do so in a friendly and constructive manner. If you are the person who has made a mistake and another rider makes you aware of this, it is your responsibility to take these comments as a positive way to assure everyone’s safety. 
White Mt Velo Pledge

Great WMV rides are magic when they happen!  This magic doesn’t happen on its own.  Club officers and members volunteer their time, skills and expertise to assure a good workout, a safe ride and a feeling of camaraderie.   Sponsors support WMV with the expectation that riders will be responsible and present a positive image.

Not everyone can contribute to the club as an officer due to time commitments, level of experience or skills.  However as a member of WMV, every rider has a responsibility to commit their time during rides and events to assure that they and everyone in the group has an enjoyable and safe ride.

The WMV Pledge

To show my support of WMV officers, sponsors and membership, I pledge to:

  • Follow established WMV club rules and state highway laws.
  • Encourage and remind others to follow WMV rules in a constructive manner.
  • Ride safely and encourage others to do the same.
  • Take responsibility to assure others in the group have a good ride.
  • Arrive to rides on a well maintained bike with supplies to handle routine repairs (spare tube, CO2, pump, tools, etc.).
  • Offer constructive criticism in a positive way, when someone makes a mistake or breaks a rule.
  • Recognize that whenever I ride in a White Mt Velo jersey I’m a representative of the club and our sponsors.  I’ll be aware of my conduct and attitude and always present a positive image to motorists and other cyclists.
  • Notify WMV club officers of issues before they turn into problems.
  • Offer ideas and suggestions to improve rides and events.

Riders who break rules or are disruptive on rides will be made aware of issues by club officers in a positive, constructive way with suggestions to improve.  If suggestions are not followed, riders will be invited to not attend future WMV rides and events.rides, aside from the training, is the socializing. As long as the rider is safe and able to keep up they should be welcome. Mistakes. Experienced riders should point out mistakes. This must be done diplomatically of course but it is important to make people aware of unsafe riding, hard braking, cutting blind corners, unnecessarily obstructing traffic, etc.