Let’s face it, retail is changing at a rapid pace these days! In order to stay viable in the current times, we have had to change the way we do business. In the old days we would order many bikes in a giant preseason order and try to sell what we had throughout the year.

Now we do smaller orders and order more often, we always have a sampling of bikes in each genre or experience and then order exactly what you want and give you the best deal available. By doing this we can change with the trends and not get stuck with old unwanted inventory and you get the best choices.  We encourage test rides  because nothing lets you know how a bike is better than actually riding it. We also have expanded our demo inventory, so you can try a bike for a whole day before you buy, and we will apply your demo fee towards the purchase of your new bike (one day only). Here is a sampling of some of our favorites from Specialized for 2020.